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We at Mammothworkwear understand that no matter what your job entails, you need the right work apparel for the job, so whether you need a sturdy pair of work trousers, some raingear, or even a safety harness; we’re bound to have a solution which meets your needs. Our shop by profession page allows you to choose the type of job you need apparel for, and categorises all the products you will need into a streamlined, tailormade selection. We cover a broad spectrum of job types, from plumbers, electricians and carpenters, to welders, civil engineers, and road and trackside workers. Once you’ve selected the correct category, you will then be able to see only those products which we deem important to you.

Each product can be reviewed briefly with the quick view function, or for more detailed information, you can click on through to the full product page; where can find more in depth product descriptions and information - including any relevant EN specifications which adhere to each product, for example - all high visibility, with the exception of railspec clothing; is tied to EN471, which comes in three classes depending on the amount of reflective tape on the product. Foul weather protection all adheres to EN343, which is also split into three levels to help you determine the exact level of protection needed. Other specifications lend themselves to simple standards which apply to products - such as EN345, which is the safety standard for protective footwear in the workplace. 

For more in depth information on safety specifications, head over to our ENSPEC guide.

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Work Clothing by Profession Buying Guide

It can be monotonous searching through hundreds of unrelated products just trying to find that one industry specific item you need; our Workwear by Profession section hopes to eradicate unnecessary searching by grouping profession specific work clothing together such as; health care, plumber or builder categories etc. Included within all of our product descriptions are (EN) safety symbols so you can instantly tell if the protection level of any product is suitable for your industry.

Safety Specifications

Safety is paramount in any profession and should always be taken seriously; all safety equipment and protective clothing has to meet certain criteria attaining to the level of protection required at any one time. These standards are called EN specifications which are part of a worldwide effort to standardise all safety equipment. If you are unsure exactly what specifications you require for your work then talk with your employer or you can visit our EN Specification Guide for more information.