Workwear Accessories

  • Disposable Workwear
  • Safety Signs
  • Knee Pads
  • Work Socks
  • Base Layer Underwear
  • Work Belts
  • Work Hats, Caps and Gloves
  • Work Bags, Tool Bags
  • Epaulettes, Ties and Cravats
  • Disposable Gloves
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Hand Wipes
  • Flame Retardant Underwear

Once your workforce is outfitted in their new work wear attire, our range of accessories will help make their working day that bit more straightforward by offering practical solutions to a number of issues. Work bags are a great example of an often over-sighted product, giving your teams a place to store all their tools and consumables to enable better site management and promote organisation. If your industry is heavy labour based, then chances are you've also bought work trousers with integrated kneepad pockets, so why not take advantage of our excellent accessories range and take a look at our work socks, baselayer underwear, hats and gloves, belts and knee pads; which in the long term will reduce fatigue and possibly work-aggravated injuries.

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Accessories Buying Guide

Besides the most obvious work clothing, accessories can play an important role these tend to be the little things that many of us overlook such as; protective knee pads for work trousers or even a simple tool belt. Many work trousers accept knee pads and these are especially important as they not only offer protection but comfort too.

Consider what accessories are essential to your daily work this could be base layer underwear, thermal socks, work bags, hats & belts etc, it’s often the little things that make the big difference. Remember simple things like a tool belt can actually help reduce your workload by removing the need to run back and forward for tools or remember where you put that hammer.

Knee Pads and Work Hats

Kneepads vary in style most are made from foam and are suitable for most work applications other types include gel and foam sprung varieties such as; Redbacks sprung knee pads which carry a special unique design patent. Assess which pads would best suit your environment and the brand of work trousers. Some industries require you to wear a hat such as; catering or the general food industry these primarily are to protect food from contamination but not the worker. Not every industry requires you to wear a hat but these can be very helpful especially in the colder months a good thermal hat can really make the difference on them icy cold mornings or when working outside all day.

Thermal Protection

Working in the cold is never much fun but there are things you can do to keep your body temperature up and your working day that little bit more bearable. Baselayer clothing is very popular in the winter months such as; thermal long johns & vests or thermal gloves & hats. These options are often very cheap and can make a remarkable difference to your overall body temperature.

Bags and Belts

Whilst not always a necessity work bags are very handy for keeping all your kit clean, dry & organized & in some situations they can be especially helpful for storing personal protective equipment such as disposable dust masks and other items. Belts are another accessory people forget when buying new work clothing, a good reliable belt can last for many years so consider if you need one for them new work trousers. Other belt wear such as; tool belts & back support belts can be essential to your safety so do check with your employer to see if this is a requirement.