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Shopping for work jackets is never easy, you need to be sure you find the right coat to meet your exact requirements at a price that is affordable and without compromising on quality. Our comprehensive range of men's and women's work jackets and fleeces have been carefully selected to help you find the right style with ease.

Our collection includes everything from high visibility jackets used by construction workers and civil engineers, through to soft shell jackets, flame retardant and waterproof jackets offerings from top brands like Helly Hansen, DeWalt and many more. If you are unsure which jacket or bodywarmer would best suit your work clothing needs please get in touch; we are always happy to help!

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Jackets Buying Guide

There are many things to consider when buying a new work jacket firstly you need to make sure that the jacket is fit for purpose and ticks all the right boxes. We have created these easy to follow guides to help you make your decision more precisely. Just think to yourself how often you have bought something to later find it’s not really what you wanted. This guide should raise a few questions and hopefully provide some helpful answers.

Do consider first and foremost which jacket would be most suitable for your particular profession; many jobs require a specific type of attire e.g. high visibility jackets would often be worn by road workers and on construction sites. Identify your needs to better aid your selection process.

Sizing And Fitting

Getting the right size and fit is very important; however do consider that not all manufacturers will adhere to the same size chart just as we all have different body types. Does your job require tighter fitting clothing for safety reasons; loose fitting clothing may be caught in machinery. Think about manoeuvrability in the fit such as; elasticated fittings, cuffs and hem. Finally jackets can come in many guises such as; bomber jackets, 3/4 length or standard size & either with or without fleece lining or waterproof properties.

Safety Specifications

Your work may require you to wear clothing that complies with current EU legislation such as; Hi Vis Jackets which is given the EN or (European Normalisation) number EN471. Hi-vis clothing is grouped into classes such as class 1, 2, 3 all offering varying levels of protection, so do check with your employer as to which safety regulations apply to your work clothing.

There are many regulations for different types of work clothing including protection against foul weather conditions such as waterproof or wind resistant jackets. View our Shop by EN Specification section for details of all relevant protection levels.

Environment and Conditions

Working outside or in cold conditions can be a real physical drain on your body; choosing a well equipped heat retaining jacket can make a huge difference to your overall body temperature. Keeping your body warm means your internal organs stay warm and this in turn allows more blood to flow to your hands and feet which are more often than not the cause of an uncomfortable workday. There are many modern materials that perform excellently in these conditions and some older ones too, such as; traditional fleece or wool. Ensure you choose the right type for the conditions so that you’re not too hot or too cold.

In warmer temperatures its often easier to choose your work clothing, simple t-shirts do the job in most cases however even in hospitable conditions caution should still be used, high visibility garments such as; hi-vis vests are light weight thin material, this allows you to still be seen but without being too hot.

Practicality and Price

We appreciate that some pockets are deeper than others but here at mammoth we believe in value for money, whilst we do stock all major brands we actively seek out the smaller less known ones with some excellent results. It is not the brand name we look at but more the quality, practicality and affordability of each and every garment. You should consider these smaller brands as they often compete rather well against the big names; practicality is far more important than having a branded work jacket that looks good but does not perform. Consider what you need from your jacket such as; additional pockets, Velcro fastening, with or without hood, flame retardant or high visibility, waterproof, windproof etc.

Colour and Uniformity

There are a variety of colours and styles to choose from and in some instances we offer matching work trousers, shirts and other items of clothing to match your choice of jacket. If this option is available you will see further information in the product description. If you specifically need a jacket to match your company colours or a complete uniform then get in touch and we can talk you through the options available.