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Keeping yourself safe whilst working is important, and more often than not, dangers are hidden throughout the workplace, whether thats a slippery surface or an errant nail - it's important to make sure your feet are kept secure, and safe. Our range of safety footwear is created to offer you exceptional foot protection, regardless of budget. With styles from popular suppliers such as Caterpillar, Helly Hansen, and Magnum - you can rest assured that your safety is our priority.

We have an ever-expanding catalogue of protective footwear, with over 400 styles available, offering different levels of protection depending on your specific needs. Conforming to ENISO 20345 standards, most safety boots come outfitted with steel toecaps and midsole plates, to provide extensive toe and underfoot protection, with metal-free, composite alternatives available for those who work in places which have metal detectors - such as airports.

If you don't require full-on boots, then you'll also be pleased to know we stock a great range of safety trainers and shoes. These products offer most of the same protective qualities as the boots - such as dual density outsoles, antistatic protection and protection against punctures and crush hazards.

If you're in the market for something a little more specialist, the Mammoth safety footwear range has a selection of rigger boots, wellingtons and nursing clogs, with varying levels of protection.

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Work Footwear Buying Guide

When purchasing your new pair of safety trainers or boots, there are a number of different factors which you can take into consideration when working out which style best suits you, your role - and the appropriate level of protection.

The following information covers some of the features you're likely to come across when selecting your new safety footwear, with breakdowns of what each standard and symbol means, to give you all the information you need to choose the right pair of safety boots or shoes for you.

Protective Footwear Safety Ratings CE EN345-1:1993 or EN ISO 20345

Safety footwear such as; steel toe cap boots, rigger boots or safety shoes have many variations within EN Specification and often the level of protection is environment specific and includes a further classification for each environment. These classifications include:

200 Joule Toe Cap Protection
  • SB = Safety Basic has all features required for the standard, 200 joule toe cap
  • SBP = Same as SB but with pierce resistant mid-sole
  • S1 = Same as SB but with anti-static sole & cushioned energy absorption heel area
  • S1 + P = Same as S1 but with pierce resistant mid-sole
  • S2 = Same as S1 but with water resistant upper
  • S3 = Same as S2 but with pierce resistant mid-sole
  • S4 = Basic properties & anti-static properties, heel energy absorption, all rubber or all polymeric anti-static footwear
  • S5 = Like S4 and with pierce resistant sole, studded sole, cleated outsole
100 Joule Toe Cap Protection
  • PB = Protective Basic, 100 Joule Toecap Protection
  • P1 = 100 Joule Toecap Protection incorporating fully enclosed heel, antistatic properties & Energy absorption
  • P2 = 100 Joule Toecap Protection incorporating fully enclosed heel, antistatic properties, energy absorption, water penetration & water absorption resistance
  • P3 = 100 Joule Toecap Protection incorporating fully enclosed heel, antistatic properties, energy absorption, water penetration & water absorption resistance & penetration resistance (cleated out-sole)
Slip Resistance Safety Symbols in Accordance with EN ISO 20345
  • SRA = Footwear is tested on clay tiles with sodium lauryl sulphate and meets a minimum Coefficient (CoF) of friction of 0.32 tested flat & CoF 0.28 tested at the heel
  • SRB = Footwear is tested on stainless steel with a glycerol solution and meets a CoF of 0.18 tested flat & 0.13 tested at the heel
  • SRC = Footwear indicates both SRA & SRB are met

Regular safety footwear carries the EN345 mark or with newly added products ISO EN20345, the original specification mark of EN345 is often followed by the classifications as listed above such as EN345-SB etc. Other relevant specifications to safety footwear include EN344, EN345, EN346 and EN347 each of the specifications refers to safety boots/footwear with added properties shown below:

Protection Symbols
  • A = Antistatic
  • AN = Ankle Protection
  • CI = Cold Insulation
  • CR = Cut Resistant
  • E = Energy Absorption of seat region
  • HI = Heat Insulation
  • HRO = Heat Resistant to 300c Outsole
  • M = Metatarsal Protection
  • ORO/FO = Oil Resistant Outsole
  • P = Puncture Resistance
  • WR = Water Resistance
  • WRU = Water penetration/absorption
  • DD = Dual density sole
  • SR = Slip resistance
  • S = protective toecaps

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to safety standards, to learn more, visit our PPE page.