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Appropriate work footwear does not have to come at a high cost and safety should never be compromised. We supply a wide range of safety boots, safety trainers, hiker boots, safety rigger boots, shoes and safety wellington boots in a variety of styles colours and sizes incorporating the latest designs that allow tradesmen to feel comfortable whilst being safe in the workplace. Whether you work indoors or outside it is crucial that your footwear meets the desired requirement for your particular environment.

The majority of safety work boots within our work clothing range are fitted with either steel toe caps or a lighter weight material that is designed to protect your toes from impact. Many brands of footwear such as Dickies safety boots and Caterpillar work boots are made with specific features such as electrical resistance, steel mid-soles or antistatic protection. We understand that choosing the right footwear can be confusing, so if you are unsure please get in touch, we'll be happy to help you make the right decision.

We also offer an excellent range of ladies safety footwear which complements the womens clothing. The range includes womens safety boots, shoes and trainers which offer the same EN20345 foot protection as traditional mens safety footwear.

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Work Footwear Buying Guide

Buying the right footwear can be troublesome at times, don't take a gamble with your footwear, a pair of boots can be replaced but your feet can not. With so many things to consider such as safety specifications, slip resistance and anti-static properties it’s easy to see why it can be awkward. We have put together this guide to help raise some questions and more importantly provide some answers on the aspects and considerations of safety and non-safety footwear.

Safety Specifications

Throughout our website you will see various safety symbols these symbols indicate the level and type of protection given to each individual product. When considering which footwear to buy a good place to start is with type such as; shoes or boots, safety trainers or none safety footwear. Safety specifications are marked with an (EN) number the primary number for safety footwear is (EN345) this is often followed by letters such as (HRO) meaning Heat Resistant Sole. For a full guide on protective footwear specifications see our Shop by EN Spec section.

Size and Fitment

It's very important when buying footwear of any kind that you purchase a size that fits you comfortably. Having the correct fit especially in work footwear is actually more important because in order to protect your toes from falling objects the toe cap must be placed directly above your toes.

If your footwear is slightly too small your toes would be raised increasing the likely hood of injury during impact, whereas if your footwear is too big the toe cap would not cover enough of your toes to protect them and could lead to no protection at all. The same should also be considered about other elements of your footwear such as puncture resistant soles etc. The fact is comfortable footwear ensures you are on a stable footing to carry out your work, remember you’re probably going to be in them all day so fitment is very important.


There are many things to consider when buying work footwear, practicality being one of them, ensure you choose the right footwear for the environment you work in. While you may not require traditional work footwear some aspects of your job might require slip resistance soles or protective toe caps.


We believe protection should not have to be expensive that's why we stock over 170 types of footwear with something for everybody from Dickies safety shoes to the new and highly popular and iconic Helly Hansen safety boots. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get something suitable just think about your top priorities and what you want most from your footwear.