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Founded by Lars Wenaas in 1931, creating garments in a converted basement at his home the Mandalen Valleys is where the story of Wenaas Industrial begins. through years of hard work and a dedicated approach to excellent salesmanship, the company has gone from strength to strength; from a small scale business in a basement to the present day as a large international industry leader in the dirty workwear market.

Wenaas international are experts who have been providing the Norwegian gas and oil industries with protective flame retardant clothing since the Norwegian offshore industry began on the 19th July, 1966. Their ranges of clothing are designed to protect the user from the hazards associated with offshore industrial work, with fabric technologies such as Daletec - an inherently FR fabric that has protective qualities designed to last far longer than FR treated garments. The Wenaas range covers all aspects of safety to match the demanding needs of workers' environments, with a breadth of multinorm and FR clothing, and specially developed off shore industry and wet weather multinorm products, in addition to a collection of flame retardant and anti-static baselayer clothing and accessories.

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