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Wenaas Multinorm Pro-Tex Jacket - 43849-44501-CL

Wenaas Multinorm Pro-Tex Jacket


Wenaas Multinorm Low Cut Shoe - 75-235-112134

Wenaas Multinorm Low Cut Shoe



About Welders Clothing

Welding brings many risks with the profession, with sparks and electric arcs being accompanied by the inherent heat and flame hazards of the process as a whole. With these risks in mind, anybody who is in the field of fabrication or welding knows the importance of safety whilst working. Adequate face shielding is a must, with a range of welding masks to keep the face shielded from sparks and molten slag, and appropriate safety goggles designed to reduce the glare from electric arc. Combined with protective clothing such as specialist welders leather aprons and gloves, and a selection of FR neck gaiters, balaclavas, and sleeves which provide protection when safely combined with other polyaramid and nomex products, such as FR overalls and jackets; to flame retardant trousers ensuring protection against the dangers of heat and flame.

With these factors in mind, body protection and clothing must conform to a number of specific EN 533 safety specifications in order for it to be effective. En11611 and EN11612 offer the required protection when it comes to protecting from spread of heat and flames, with BS EN ISO 15011-4:2006 also being a paramount safety standard for protection. Further protection from electrostatic and anti-static discharge in the shape of En1149-5 is also present in some products for all-round protection.

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