Waste Disposal Clothing

Aqua Action Trouser - TR601-CL

Aqua Action Trouser


Aqua Workwear Trouser - TR300-CL

Aqua Workwear Trouser



About Waste Disposal Clothing

Refuse collecting is a job which requires clothing to be hard wearing and comfortable, as well as offer decent levels of protection. Ballistic trousers offer an excellent option when it comes to waste management apparel, as they feature reinforcing ballistic panels on the outer legs, which give them an additional level of protection against broken glass, crockery, metal edges and similar waste items. High visibility vests or jackets may also be required whilst working, especially with twilight hour shifts, as waste disposal operatives will benefit from the increased visual presence which this clothing brings. Along with hardwearing trousers, a pair of hard wearing gloves will also ensure that hands are kept safe from sharp, protruding objects.

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