Veterinary Uniforms

Cherokee Scrub Tunic - CH4777-CL

Cherokee Scrub Tunic


Yoko Hi Vis Tabard - HVJ269

Yoko Hi Vis Tabard


Bottle Green Clip-On Ties - PR710-Bottle

Bottle Green Clip-On Ties


Alexandra Nurses Dress - HP297-CL

Alexandra Nurses Dress



About Veterinary Uniforms

The modern day veterinary practitioner is valued as the goto for all issues pet related. Often treated the same as doctors, although part of a different discipline; their work clothing closely resembles that of doctors and other medical workers. Like anybody working with patients, whether they’re feline or human, you need to consider a uniform which allows for comfort and promotes good hygiene. A regular healthcare tunic will provide the close woven comfort you need, with their high temperature washing allowing them to be thoroughly cleaned when soiled. We also stock a variety of scrub pants which will complement any tunics in our range, offering a veterinary uniform with a clean and clinical look.

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