Top ten safety shoes and boots

When you start a new job, you may find yourself having to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment for the uninitiated), for your own safety and for peace of mind for your employer. In quite a few cases, companies may no provide you protective footwear.

Therefore it is important that you chose the right shoe for the job at hand, as well as understand that safety shoes and boots are not just there to stop your toes getting crushed, they're also designed to provide the correct support your feet need when you find yourself intensively working, having to walk around and stand for long periods of time can cause other problems such as fatigue, joint pains, blisters and more - protective footwear isn't just for those working production lines and inside of factories, its there for everybody.

Surprisingly enough, its usually the what people would consider "lesser" injuries which cause more time off work and more absenteeism through injury than any other, purely because these lighter types of injury are more commonplace than serious injuries.

So whats important when selecting a good solid pair of safety shoes or boots? Firstly its important to determine which properties you need for your job at hand. Protective footwear comes in a variety of guises - Trainers, shoes, boots, even Wellington boots!

We've assembled a list of some fine examples of quality safety footwear below.

Timberland Pro Ibiza Grey Steel Safety Boot

photo of the Timberland PRO Ibiza Safety Boot
Timberland PRO Ibiza Safety Boot

Timberland PRO have been renowned for their knowledge when it comes to making quality, hard-wearing footwear, and these stylish new safety boots are no exception to the rule. Constructed from innovative and lightweight materials, the Ibiza Grey Steel Safety Shoe provides excellent comfort, whilst being able to provide a high level of protection.

Ankle padding provides comfort for the wearer, and is anatomically shaped which gives it a much better fit than your regular safety shoe.

The toe is reinforced with a steel plate, capable of withstanding force of up to 200kj in pressure. The midsoles feature a steel anti-perforation plate with shock absorbing outsoles which have an excellent abrasion and flexing resistance, as well as slip resistance, oil resistance and heat (up too 300c) - making these Safety shoes a formidable addition to anybody's workwear arsenal.

Timberland Pro Men's Splitrock Safety Hiker Boots

Timberland PRO Splitrock Safety Boots
Timberland PRO Splitrock en345 boots

Timberland Pro Men's Splitrock Safety Hiker Boots give the appearance of a normal steel toe shoe when in fact they are a very classy looking work boot. This means your workwear and safety footwear takes on a whole new outdoor look with foot protection for the working man very much in mind.

This Timberland Pro Men's Splitrock Safety Hiker Boot is a fine example of workwear with no compromise between an attractive Timberland PRO style, great comfort and the best in protection. A shoe born for the outdoors but built for the work site, by seamlessly blending functionality and great looks.

This shoe is composed of a steel toe cap, an anti-puncture steel midsole, a premium full grain water resistant leather, EVA midsole and a nitrile outsole to ensure slip resistance and Heat resistance up to 300 deg C. An ideal safety shoe for anybody working in maintenance, transport, forestry, and building.

Sterling Steel Black Mesh Lightweight Safety Trainer

Sterling Steel Black Mesh Lightweight Safety Trainer
Sterling Steel Lightweight Safety Trainers

Sterling Steels Black Mesh Lightweight Safety Trainer is somewhat of a marvel. Its carries all the looks of a regular street trainer - mesh panels on the sides, colourful orange accents, and is lighter than most trainers - Its almost unbelievable this is actually a very well disguised safety trainer!

Thats right - These are safety trainers, perfect for anybody who needs to protect themselves, but find themselves working long shifts, and having to walk around a lot. They feature a puncture resistant mid-sole, and a chemical and oil resistant sole - as well as protective toes.

These low-profile safety trainers have to be seen to be believed - They are really that light, you will be pinching yourself, but this is no dream - these trainers really are that good!

Himalayan Composite Combat Safety Boot

Himalayan Combat Safety Boots
Himalayan Composite Combat Safety Boots

A boot that looks ready to go to war, the Himalayan Composite Combat Safety Boot is a rock solid, water resistant and protective boot, featuring a sturdy three quarter length zip above the inner ankle - saving you having to lace/unlace every time.

The non-metallic toe and mid-soles are just as effective as any steel toe boots, providing excellent impact and puncture protection, whilst being slightly more lightweight then their steel counterparts.

Dickies Unlined Steel Toe Rigger Boots S3

Dickies Unlined Steel Toe Rigger Boots
Dickies Unlined Safety Rigger Boots

Riggers have come under some criticism in recent years, having being banned by a lot of work sites down to their lack of ankle support. However, this doesn't detract away from the fact that you can't beat a good pair of rigs, and these Dickies Unlined Steel Toed ones are an exceptionally good piece of workwear.

Fully water resistant, these boots are designed to get you out of many a sticky situation; featuring steel toe caps and a steel reinforced midsole, giving you widespread protection across the whole foot. The soles are anti static and anti-slip, giving you all-round protection in a rugged, lightweight boot.

If you need something durable, and you can get away with it - You can't go wrong with these immense riggers.

Caterpillar Formation Composite Safety Boots

Caterpillar Formation Composite Safety Boots
CAT Formation Composite Safety Boots

CAT are one of the most well respected, prestigious names when it comes to workwear - and its easy to see why when you look at the Formation Composite Safety Boot. This trainer-boot crossover is as mean looking as it is protective, with a non-metallic midsole and composite toecap bringing the protective qualities, as well as high ankle support to help stop you from getting in a twist.

The undersoles are anti-static, which reduces any electrical discharge which could build up, which could prove to be essential for some. Energy absorbing heels help to take some of the weight off your feet, improving overall fatigue levels and providing you with some much needed comfort.

The undersoles are also heat resistant up to 300c, oil and also chemical resistant. They have been rigorously tested for slip resistance, having been trialled on soapy ceramic tiles, and glycerol covered smooth steel surfaces (which they passed with flying colours), these are some serious protective boots, which pack high performance and great looks into one mean looking package.

Dickies Safety Wellington Boots

Dickies Super Safety Wellington Boots
Dickies Protective Wellington Boots

Somewhat resembling a bikers boot, the Dickies Safety Wellington is perfect for anybody who spends a majority of time working in the great outdoors (In the not so great weather). For a Wellington, these sturdy bits of protective footwear provide you with top-notch water resistance, steel toecaps and midsole for ultimate puncture and impact protection. The undersoles are also industrious in their quality, with strong anti-slip properties - these safety Wellingtons will never let you down.

Deltaplus Waterproof Composite Safety Boots

Deltaplus Waterproof Composite Safety Boots
Deltaplus Waterproof Safety Boots

This non-metallic, 100% metal free offering from Deltaplus is lightweight and packed with a plethora of advanced technological features. An all weather safety boot which features a sturdy puncture resistant midsole, and composite toe cap adorned with an external scuff cap for additional durability. They are lined with a waterproof freetex membrane, designed to keep you dry under stress. All the external rivets and eyelets are non-metallic, and the sole is antislip and resistant to oil.

Totectors Safety Shoes

Toesavers Safety Shoes
Toesavers Steel Safety Shoes

So far we've covered boots and trainers - but what about a good old fashioned shoe? Well Toesavers Safety Footwear produce this smart number, which has proven to be a very popular item thanks to its fantastic quality and low price point. Featuring a puncture resistant midsole and steel toe cap, coupled with an antistatic sole, make these safety shoes an ideal choice for many industries.

Cofra Power Chainsaw Safety Boots

Cofra Chainsaw Safety Boots
Cofra Chainsaw Safety Boots

If you're looking for something with some real hardcore credentials, something which is going to protect you from more than your average boot, then look no further - The Cofra Power Chainsaw Safety Boot is here. A class 2 rated chainsaw protection boot, that will protect you from a chainsaw blade operating at up to 24 metres per second (roughly 54mph). Its ergonomic design will grant you high levels of comfort, as well as help decrease foot fatigue thanks to its lightweight construction.

Reinforced with a steel toe cap, and a non-metallic APT midsole, this breathable safety boot will protect you, whilst ensuring you're comfortable. The soles are anti-static and shock absorbent for greater levels of comfort, and designed to be contact heat resistant up to 300c.

That's just a small range of protective footwear. There are many different styles and types, applicable for many different applications. Browse our work footwear range and see for yourself.

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