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The history of Timberland Pro Workwear

Timberlands history began in the American state of Massachusetts back in 1918; an apprentice stitcher by the name of Nathan Swartz began his career making shoes at the Abingdon Shoe Co. Having spent many years working for the company in 1952 Swartz acquired a 50% stake in the business; primarily so he could begin designing and making shoes for other manufacturers.

In 1955 the realisation that he could create something special with the existing business spurred him on to buy up the remaining shares and own the entire company outright. Swartz brought in his sons to further develop what was essentially a new era in the footwear industry.

Through determination and the culmination of 34 years expertise in the industry, the now family run business was looking to the future. Innovation was soon to follow when in 1965 the family introduced injection moulding to the footwear industry; this new technology was to change the way footwear was made forever and become the industry standard way to make waterproof boots.

By 1973 the company was in need of new identity to make it more distinguishable in a now highly competitive arena, this was soon to follow with the introduction of the Timberland PRO brand name. Later that same they introduced a guaranteed waterproof boot, one of the first of its kind, previously manufacturers could not entirely guarantee the waterproofing properties of a work-boot, through many tests and trails this was achieved brilliantly.

Timberland History 1980's - 1990's

Through the 1980’s the brand continued to build on their previous successes improving and refining their innovative designs. Confidence grew and so Timberland moved into new sectors such as boat shoes and highly ergonomic work footwear. The time had now come for Nathan Swartz to hand down the reins of this now powerful empire, Nathan's son, Sidney then became the sole proprietor of the family business.

Timberland went on to introduce a host of new lines including women’s accessories such as leather handbags and specially made for women, waterproof foot wear. Always an innovator the brand further sought confidence from its customers and found just the way with the (ACT) System; Active Comfort Technology was designed to give a balance of both comfort and support while retaining the characteristic performance of the brands hardy foot wear. Now looking into new markets, Timberland released apparel for children and also extending licensing agreements with suitable manufacturers to create some of these new offerings, a move not taken lightly what with the strict criteria these manufacturers had to meet.

Timberland History 1990's - Present Day

In 1998 Jeffery Swartz became the president and chief executive officer for the company, later that year; to celebrate the 25th anniversary, Timberland workwear held the first annual "Serv-a-Palooza" the largest company wide day geared towards community service. The brand committed to submit and surpass 40,000 hours helping in the community by the year 2000, this was achieved with ease and gained the company the notoriety it had long deserved, later that same year Timberland were named one of the top 100 companies to work for by Fortune magazine, an accolade it went on to collect many times since.

As we approached the new millennium the company turned their attention on their line of practical work clothing, and so the Timberland Pro Series line was born. Timberland Pro Series was entirely focused on the tradesman’s needs for both protection and comfort, the range continues to grow as the needs of workers do today.

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