Snickers Trousers

About Snickers Trousers

Snickers boast an impressive array of work trousers which are suitable for a number of working environments. Utilising a number of modern technological advances, their catalogue of workwear is famed for its durability and practical applications. Snickers trousers include material advances such as rip-stop and Cordura, both designed to increase the abrasion resistance to a level which greatly exceeds that of regular canvas or even denim fabrics.

Other features synonymous with the range include the addition of kneepad pockets, which when used correctly can provide an extra level of comfort and help to greatly reduce fatigue in the wearer with compatible knee pads. In terms of safety clothing, Snickers offer a variety of specialist trousers which offer thermal and waterproofing properties, and a number of high visibility trousers to improve visual profile.

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