Snickers Knee Pads

About Snickers Knee Pads

One of the main problems with working in trades such as carpentry, building, and construction work is that more often than not, you spend a fair amount of time kneeling down. Over a prolonged period of time this can start to affect your comfort, as well as leave you aching and sore. Snickers provide a range of kneepads which are compatible with all applicable garments, such as knee pad pocket trousers, overalls and pirate shorts which gives you an extra layer of protection, cushioning your knees and helping reduce work fatigue by softening the surface you’re knelt on. Snickers Knee Pads come in various different styles - From the regular standard thickness general use kneepad, to a thicker one designed with floor layers in mind, and a specifically engineered service pad. All made from high density materials, these hard-wearing and durable knee pads are an essential addition to many workers workwear across the world.

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