Poly Cotton Trousers

Dickies Redhawk Trousers - WD864R-CL

Dickies Redhawk Trousers


Dickies Pro Trousers - DP1000-CL

Dickies Pro Trousers


Dickies Reaper Trousers - TR41500-CL

Dickies Reaper Trousers


Aqua Workwear Trouser - TR300-CL

Aqua Workwear Trouser


Dickies Lakemont Trouser - CV1000R-CL

Dickies Lakemont Trouser


Blaklader 1725 Trousers - 17251210-CL

Blaklader 1725 Trousers



About Poly Cotton Trousers

Poly Cotton Trousers are great for comfort and durability, with their blends of polyester and cotton combining brilliantly to create excellent products which offer long-lasting comfort and practicality, with increased durability and generally a lower price point then cotton or polyester only counterparts. Additionally, Poly Cotton also increases crease resistance, to create a product which is cost effective, durable, and also has a lesser impact on the environment, causing some to call it a “green-blend” fabric.

We have a varied range of poly cotton trousers available, with lined and unlined options possible, coming in a selection of different styles and colours - including sweatpants, action trousers, utility trousers, and even products for specific industries such as bakers, and the food industry.

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