Plumbers Clothing

Dickies Pro Trousers - DP1000-CL

Dickies Pro Trousers


Dickies Redhawk Jacket - WD954-CL

Dickies Redhawk Jacket


Blaklader Service Trousers - 14951330-CL

Blaklader Service Trousers


Aqua Action Trouser - TR601-CL

Aqua Action Trouser


Aqua Workwear Trouser - TR300-CL

Aqua Workwear Trouser


Fristads 7906 TY T-Shirt - 110308-CL

Fristads 7906 TY T-Shirt



About Plumbers Clothing

One of many essential trade disciplines, plumbing requires work apparel which is up to task. Durable bib overalls, and full length overalls are the typical mainstays, offering comfort and long lasting quality. A main priority is knee protection, as the nature of the work requires a lot of bending down to fix pipes and get under sinks. A quality pair of knee pad trousers will help to prevent fatigue and discomfort over extended periods when combined with one of the many different types of kneepads we have available; most of which are universal in their fit to allow use across multiple products which have knee pad pouches to house them. Safety shoes or boots  are also recommended, as you never know what dangers you can encounter. A good pair of EN345 spec shoes will provide ample protection to both the toes and the undersides of the feet; with steel or non metallic composite materials providing the essential safety required to protect from falling objects, loose nails and sharp debris. Slip resistant features are also present, which allow you to have excellent traction on wet surfaces of all types.

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