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About Decorator Clothing

Painting and decorating is a messy affair, with plaster, paint and other airborne debris getting everywhere it can. Wearing appropriate clothing for the job makes sure that you’re kept safe from splashes and dust, with thick denier materials which allow for high temperature washing and prevent penetration of paints and plaster. Traditional white painters clothing also helps distinguish the wearer from other types of tradesmen, and gives off an air of professionalism. 

Painters bib and brace overalls are a popular choice, alongside separate trousers and jackets to offer a different style. Some painting processes, such as when using spray guns; benefit from the use of safety glasses and face masks, which come in varied classes depending on the product being used, with some protecting from airborne paint particles, as well as dust from wood, plaster and concrete. We also sell a great selection of disposable overalls and single use gloves, which are ideal for one-off jobs if you require a cost-effective solution.

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