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Overalls and boilersuits are designed to give the wearer head-to-toe protection in their day to day work activities. This protection should never come in lieu of comfort. Here at Mammoth we have a selection of over 300 different types of work overalls and boiler suits from the top manufacturers including Portwest, Snickers, Blaklader and Helly Hansen.

We have a selection of mens and ladies work coveralls available that offer varied levels of protection, with FR overalls capable of repelling molten splashes and protect against heat, and waterproof overalls which will keep foul weather at bay and keep you dry. For single use applications we also stock a range of different disposable products which can be discarded when used, great for keeping laundering costs down, and providing site visitors with protection when on site.

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Coveralls Buying Guide

With all variations of work clothing there are many things to consider when buying online this guide is to help raise a few questions for you to consider before your purchase. With so many types ranging from regular overalls to other forms such as; boilersuits and bib and brace style variations it can often be a little confusing. Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages but more importantly is the suitability to your particular trade e.g. painters and decorators prefer bib and brace variants to enable them to keep their arm movements unrestricted when leaning and reaching.

Safety Specification

First and foremost safety requirements are essential so please ensure to take note of the safety specifications listed in the product pages. This is often specific to your trade or work type e.g. High visibility boiler suits should be worn when working at the roadside or in situations where visibility is low. We provide (EN) specification symbols on all of our products to better aid your selection process. Your employer should be able to tell you the desired (EN) requirements for your clothing or see our work wear by profession tab on the homepage for more information.

Practicality and Price

With so many types and styles it can be easy to get confused with what’s best for your needs. Practicality is important so ask yourself a few questions before you buy such as; do you require additional pockets or fastening pockets, good manoeuvrability, elasticated waistline, knee pads, high visibility or rain suits with waterproof properties. If you are spending all day in a boiler suit then you really want the best possible performance from them, choosing wisely now will benefit you in the long run.

Mammoth offer a great selection to choose from, stocking everything from Dickies overalls to Snickers, DeWalt and many more, over 60 variations in fact with a price to suit all pockets.

Style & Uniformity

These garments can vary in style with long or short sleeves, button or zip front fasteners and come in a whole array of colours, ideal if you require an overall that suits your company colours. In many cases they can be identically matched with work trousers, shirts and jackets to make a complete uniform. High visibility boilersuits are also available in many colours such as rail spec variants which are orange with reflective high visibility strips around the waste, legs, arms and additional strips over the shoulders.

Trade Specific

Depending on your trade you may require a specific style of overall the traditional style is generally worn by mechanics or used for light industrial use. Painter’s overalls are the bib and brace type with straps over each shoulder and a large central pouch for tool storage on the chest making them ideal for this task. Similarly many offerings are designed with specific trades in mind; our work wear by profession tab on the homepage is there to aid your search for profession specific work clothing.