Oil & Gas Safety Clothing

Wenaas Multinorm Pro-Tex Jacket - 43849-44501-CL

Wenaas Multinorm Pro-Tex Jacket


Wenaas Flamtech Waistcoat - 54159-10241-3024

Wenaas Flamtech Waistcoat


Wenaas Multinorm Low Cut Shoe - 75-235-112134

Wenaas Multinorm Low Cut Shoe



About Oil & Gas Safety Clothing

Offshore workers who deal with the refinement of oil and gases are exposed to an array of dangers, varying from exposure to raw materials and sludge, extreme temperatures, and naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMs). Additionally, they may even be introduced to substances such as asbestos, hydrochloric acids, and formaldehydes. Due to the nature of the work, it is also of extreme importance that only clothing worn is EN1149-5 compliant, in order to eliminate static discharge, as one small spark could prove to be catastrophic. Fabrics must also offer adequate protection against the ever present hazards of chemicals, as well as provide protection against heat and flames. In special cases, face protection and breathing apparatus is also a viable safety option. We have a range of personnel protective equipment suitable for oil refinery work, with full and half face reusable respirator masks with interchangeable filters depending on the environment and situation at hand; that can offer the protection you need when working in hazardous areas. Nomex, Proban and Pyrovatex jackets and trousers offer excellent protection from heat and flames, conforming to current EN ISO 11612 and EN ISO 11611 standards, which supersede the previous EN531 and EN533 ratings. In addition to FR overalls, we also supply a number of specialist items such as balaclavas, neck gaiters, and even socks which provide ample protection from hazardous heat and flame. 

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