Nurses Clothing

Cherokee Scrub Tunic - CH4777-CL

Cherokee Scrub Tunic


Alexandra Nurses Dress - HP297-CL

Alexandra Nurses Dress



About Nurses Clothing

Hygiene and comfort are essential in healthcare environments, where long shifts are the norm for nursing staff. Therefore hospitals and doctors surgeries should provide their workers with the correct nursing uniform for the job at hand. Lightweight unisex medical tunics are comfortable, and are machine washable at high temperatures; and often they feature tightly woven fabrics, in order to protect the wearer from bacteria, and liquids whilst working. Matching scrub tops and trousers may also be an option, although in most nursing practices and hospital wards, lightweight work pants are usually acceptable. in terms of footwear we stock a variety of specifically purposed medical clogs for both men and women, which offer comfortable and secure fit; alternatively it may also be permissible to wear certain types of safety shoes such as slip-ons, which can provide additional protection from sharps and crushing hazards. Our disposable single use clothing consists of medical gloves and aprons, as they help to eliminate cross contamination of bacteria from surface to surface, offering a cost-effective protection.

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