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Moldex Respiratory & Ear Protection

Safety is important whilst working, and the Moldex range offers workers essential respiratory & hearing protection; something which is necessary for a wide variety of job roles across the construction, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacture sectors.

With over 70 patents designated to their PPE, their innovative Respiratory products ensure workers have complete comfort and protection, with a competitive pricing structure that promotes fantastic value for money. From basic disposable dust masks, all the way up to reusable filter masks which allow workers to deal with hazardous environments.

Hearing protection is just as important, and the Moldex range has plenty of options for all types of jobs. For food manufacture, their metal detecable, corded earplugs will prove indispensable in loud environments, and won't get lost on processing lines. If plugs are not suitable, there are a great range of multi position earmuffs, both banded and clip-on styles, making them easily integrated with your hard hat.

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