Medical Scrubs

Cherokee Scrub Tunic - CH4777-CL

Cherokee Scrub Tunic



About Medical Scrubs

Medicals scrubs have been in circulation since the 1940's, originally white in colour. It was only three decades later that the more well-known widely recognised shades of green were adopted. Today medical scrubs come in a plethora of vibrant colours, and advancements in fabric technologies have allowed them to be imbued with a number of special attribute such as anti-static, and anti-microbial protection, with a closely knitted weave which not only increases tensile strength, but helps to keep liquids off the skin.

Our range of scrubs are ideal for hospitals, doctors surgeries, dentistry’s and the like. They are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, whilst at the same time offering up an excellent protective product which looks smart and professional.

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