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Dickies Pro Trousers - DP1000-CL

Dickies Pro Trousers


Wenaas Flamtech Waistcoat - 54159-10241-3024

Wenaas Flamtech Waistcoat



About Mechanics Clothing

Durability and comfort are important aspects when considering clothing fit for use in a mechanics garage. All over protection from oil and liquid spills is important, with thick overalls often doing the job adequately. Mobility and practicality are also an important attribute to consider, with our range of workshop coveralls and trousers offering a variety of pockets and tool belt functions to ensure that trusty spanner is never far away. Our range covers both long and short sleeved designs, as well as products incorporating specialist features such as high visibility stripes, and fr resistant and anti-static properties, to offer a comprehensive selection of protective safety wear. In terms of hand protection, fingerless gloves have been the standard for some time, offering cover for the hands, but leaving the fingers exposed so they can work with greater precision than when using a regular glove. Now however, there are gloves which offer full hand and finger coverage, but still allow for precision gripping and movement, such as Hyflex gloves, and specially purposed mechanics disposable gloves.

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