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The history of Magnum Footwear

The Magnum brand was first established back in the early 80’s by the popular Hi-Tec company, who were tasked with creating a lightweight tactical boot to be manufactured from sports trainer materials, on behalf of the FBI. forward on year, and the Hi-Tec tactical boots hit the wider market - becoming a roaring success for the company, thanks to their lightweight design and practical features. It wasn't until 1990 however, when the Magnum range was released as a global footwear collection designed to meet the needs of a growing market.

Since then, Magnum safety boots have become the standard all other companies strive to replicate, and they are one of the most respected brands out there. The Stealth and Shield police boots are some of the best selling uniform boots, shipping across 80 countries worldwide - and are a favoured choice for law enforcers, fire safety and security teams, and ambulance men. Magnum boots are revolutionising safety footwear through their latest ground-breaking technologies, including Ion-Mask; a plasma based chemical repelling breakthrough, and their exclusive Spider range of safety boots, which feature a tough exoskeleton design and fast roping system - ideal for those critical operations.

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