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The history of Lee Cooper

Formed in 1908, the Lee Cooper brand began by simply manufacturing denim [product], and we specifically tasked with the supply of the UK troops in the first world war up until 1939. They then split operations into two different areas - with one continuing to solely provide uniforms, kitbag's and rucksacks for the military, the other part took an entirely different approach; by starting the create casual denim jeans which became massively popular by the 60’s.

It wasn't until 2010 that Lee Cooper finally broke into the realm of work wear as we know it, offering an excellent rugged selection of work shirts, trousers, and safety footwear; which meet the expectations of workers worldwide - perfect products for tradesmen such as builders, plumbers, and carpenters. Their high quality garments and excellent modern styling's have allowed the Lee Cooper brand to become a driving force in the modern day work clothing market.

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