Gardeners Clothing

Dickies Redhawk Jacket - WD954-CL

Dickies Redhawk Jacket


Dickies Raintite Jacket - WP50000-CL

Dickies Raintite Jacket


Fort Hyde Shirt - 143

Fort Hyde Shirt


Dickies Merino Socks - DCK-00049-CL

Dickies Merino Socks


Dickies Brookton Fleece - JW7012-CL

Dickies Brookton Fleece



About Gardeners Clothing

Landscape gardening is an arduous task which can be made easier, given that you have the right safety equipment and clothing for the job at hand. We have a number of excellent products available which give you the comfort and protection you need. Whether you just need a pair of thick gloves, some face and eye protection from wayward twigs and brambles, or you’re looking for a uniformed solution for you and your workforce, we have the means to help. A garden requires all year round maintenance, and whilst a pair of sturdy kneepad trousers and a polo shirt or t-shirt usually do the trick - when the weather gets a little on the wet side it simply will not do. For that purpose, we have a selection of outdoor apparel which caters for foul weather conditions, with waterproof waders and wellington boots ensuring that feet stay dry, and combined with other raingear products such as pvc and nitrile gloves, and waterproof rain suits - you can be rest assured that no matter what the weather throws at you; you’re prepared for it.

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