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DeWalt Knee Pads - DWCKNEE

DeWalt Knee Pads


Regatta Kneepads - TRP100

Regatta Kneepads


Redbacks Knee Pads - SPBRR101

Redbacks Knee Pads



About Knee Pads

In many professions, you may find yourself on all fours whilst working, or kneeling a lot, which could leave you in pain, even to the point where you may need time off. This is why it is important that whilst working in such conditions, you should always have adequate knee protection to reduce fatigue, and protect yourself in the workplace. There are a few options available when choosing kneepads, such as over-trouser pads, or ones which are designed to be integrated with kneepad trousers, slotting securely into specially designed knee pad pockets, a benefit of which meaning they never come loose or move wildly out of position.

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