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The history of JCB

JCB is a brand which is synonymous with industrial labour; being founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford, their specialist equipment has been used globally since their inception. JCB machines have been at the forefront of almost every large scale construction project undertaken across the globe, so it is only natural that their transition into work apparel successfully takes their core values; and applies them to their excellent range of Jackets, work trousers, and work shirts.

In addition, they also manufacture a rugged selection of EN 345 safety boots and safety trainers - made to last; these durable and hard wearing protective footwear products offer grippy soles and tough uppers - with the bonus of steel toe and mid-sole protection to ensure feet are kept safe from danger.

Whether you need protective eye-wear, top quality clothing for work, or any other accessories - the JCB range fulfils its legacy as a tough and ready, well respected brand that will more than match your expectations.

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