Introducing Wenaas Offshore Clothing

Introducing Wenaas offshore clothing

As a worldwide workwear company, we value the importance of being able to provide our customers with a large selection of quality brands tailored to meet the needs of workers across all industries. We are pleased to announce that we are now official suppliers of Wenaas Offshore and Industrial clothing. Wenaas are a Norwegian workwear company with over 80 years experience designing and manufacturing clothing specifically for the offshore and petrochemical industries.

With an extensive selection of multi-norm and flame retardant products, the Wenaas Offshore clothing is packed with features to help with the day to day labours the job entails, and they hold a unique advantage over their contemporaries - with inherent flame retardant properties which are woven into the fabric, not just treated after manufacture. This design choice allows the products to retain their protective qualities for far longer than fabrics which are treated, providing the wearer with a more economic and long-lasting solution.

Here are just a small selection of products from this new and exciting dirty workwear range has to offer:

Wenaas Safety Boots

photo of the Wenaas Gore-tex Rainmaster Safety Boots
Wenaas Gore-Tex Rainmaster Safety Boots

Designed to offer top quality protection from both foul weather and occupational hazards, the Wenaas Safety Boots range is perfect for offshore workers. Initially part of the Wenaas "Forma" range, they now stand alone as part of the safety footwear range.

Constructed with a selection of high quality fabric, and utilising fabric technologies such as Gore-Tex membrane linings for comfort, these excellent safety boots from the Norwegian offshore specialists are in a league of their own. Their protective qualities also bolstered by the inclusion of toe caps and as soft penetration resistant midlayers, ensuring the undersides of the feet and the toes are kept shielded from drop hazards and sharp debris on the floor.

Wenaas Offshore Coveralls

An image of the Wenaas Offshore 290 FR Overalls
Wenaas Offshore 290 Flame Retardant Coverall

All over body protection is paramount in many industries, even more so in offshore and petrochemical environments. This is due in part to the increased risk of contact with hazards such as heat and flames. Because of this it is important that work clothing and uniforms match the required safety criteria of the environment surrounding them.

The Wenaas Offshore Coverall range is the perfect choice for offshore workers, with products that are replete with features for storing valuables and accessories, constructed with special inherent FR fabrics. This excellent (and striking) FR overall range retains its protective qualities for much longer than regular treated fabrics, and conforms to a number of safety standards including EN ISO 11612 A1 A2 B1 C1.

Wenaas Impact Gloves

Wenaas Odin Offshore Gloves
Wenaas "Odin" Offshore Gloves

You would be hard pressed to find a more hardcore range of impact gloves on the market. Offering superior mechanical risk protection, the Wenaas Offshore Gloves are the ultimate in hand protection, with highly abrasion and tear resistant reinforcements complimenting lightweight breathable shells for maximum comfort and safety, without sacrificing dexterity..

The metacarpal area on the back of the hands, and the areas where veins are most prominent are also shielded from danger thanks to the inclusion of TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber). This rugged material will offer amazing protection against impacts and other mechanical risks.

formerly part of the Odin range, this great selection of gloves come with different properties to match your needs - such as enhanced grip an waterproofing.

Wenaas Offshore Jackets

A picture of the Wenaas Offshore Waterproof Winter Jacket
Wenaas Offshore Waterproof Winter Jacket

Offshore environments can be cold places to work, so its imperative that when temperatures drop, you are protected from the elements. The Wenaas Offshore Jackets will do just that, with their multitude of practical features such as fleece lined pockets and ID pockets.

This excellent offshore jacket range isn't all pockets and looks however. They have been designed to offer high levels of protection, with EN ISO 14116 Flame retardant credentials, EN 1149-5 anti-static, and EN 343 3.1 waterproof qualities being just a few of the benefits these items can bring to the table.

The fabrics used for this range are always loaded with inherent FR properties. This ensures that the product retains its compliance better than treated fabrics after being laundered.


The Wenaas range is a fantastic new addition to our expanding online catalogue. The products above are just a small selection of the products available in the range. For more from these Norwegian masters of offshore work clothing, view the entire wenaas range.

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