Hi Vis Trousers

Dickies Hi-Vis Joggers - SA2008-CL

Dickies Hi-Vis Joggers



About Hi Vis Trousers

Trousers are an integral part of a work uniform, and can be utilised by workers as an additional piece of PPE. Hi Vis Trousers are designed to offer fluorescent fabrics and reflective stripes, combining together to help increase the wearers profile in low light conditions, by reflecting light off of the stripes.

Hi Vis Trousers for professional use are made to meet EN ISO 20471, which is split into three classes based on the amount of fabric used and how much retro-reflective material is present. There are also two unique Hi Visibility classes, designed for trackside workers and non-professional use - these standards are GO/RT 3279 & EN 1150 respectively.

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