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Fristads Kansas History

The Fristads Kansas story is one of two well respected companies, who joined together to bring their combined experience and knowledge to the forefront of the workwear market.


The Fristads company was founded in 1925 by John Magnusson in the Swedish village of Fristads, at a time when workwear was all but unheard of. At this time, industrialisation was starting to boom in Sweden, an unexplored market waiting for somebody to take it by the reigns.

After an initial attempt at importing American work clothing failed, Magnusson decided to manufacture workwear himself. By 1929, this humble brand became the first in Sweden to manufacture jeans, which encompassed an entire range of trousers, overalls and bib 'n' braces worn by workmen in carpentry, painting and other professional sectors.

All designed in-house, and utilising local farms and skilled seamstresses, the Fristads brand continued to rapidly expand to the point where demand began to outstrip supply. This saw the acquisition of an additional factory, as well as subsidiaries, and their very own weaving mill.


Poul Larsen decided in 1952 to launch the Kansas brand from a factory; one which was already a glowing success thanks to its excellent working conditions and modernised views on workers rights, something it had been praised for since 1920.

Using this ethos as a foundation going forward, the Kansas brand is one with the modern worker in mind, designed with style as well as functionality. In the following decades, the Kansas brand saw impressive sales, soon becoming the name at the forefront of workwear production.

By the 1970's, they had outgrown their original premises and moved to a newly constructed factory in Odense. Continuing to build and expand upon the foundations of their brand - even throughout the 70s where in 1972 economic crisis made things difficult - Kansas persevered and faced adversity head on.

Becoming listed in 1984, Kansas have gone from strength to strength, leading to an international expansion and paving the way for the merger which bought them together with Fristads.


In 2003, the group behind Fristads and Kansas became Kwintet, and in the following two years they were acquired by the investment banking firm Industri Kapital. This move eventually lead to the merger which created the brand as we know it today - Fristads Kansas. With their new found power and reach, they now have the capability to offer the largest selection of high quality workwear across Europe.

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