Flame Retardant Jackets

Wenaas Multinorm Pro-Tex Jacket - 43849-44501-CL

Wenaas Multinorm Pro-Tex Jacket


Wenaas Flamtech Waistcoat - 54159-10241-3024

Wenaas Flamtech Waistcoat



About Flame Retardant Jackets

Flame retardant jackets are designed to protect you from open flames and sources of ignition, and are indispensable in jobs which involve welding, cutting and grinding of metals and other materials - such as mechanics and engineers. Fireproof jackets must conform to ENSPEC 533. The fabrics are treated with fire retardant chemicals which improve their resistance to burning. If you are looking for particular safety requirements from your work clothing, we have a workwear-by-EN-spec guide which helps in aiding your decision making.

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