Antistatic Workwear

Wenaas Multinorm Pro-Tex Jacket - 43849-44501-CL

Wenaas Multinorm Pro-Tex Jacket


Wenaas Flamtech Waistcoat - 54159-10241-3024

Wenaas Flamtech Waistcoat



About Antistatic Workwear

EN 1149-5 Electrostatic Protection is the European standard for any protective clothing which is designed to reduce the risk of sudden electrostatic discharges in hazardous environments. Environments such as refineries, and any job role which deals with electrical components or petrochemicals will benefit greatly from Electrostatic Protective clothing.

This clothing should be worn over any exposed fabric, and anything attatched to the fabric should never be removed, such as pictograms, labels and similar features. Potential conductive parts such as zips, stud fasteners and buttons are acceptable on EN1149-5 clothing, however the protective material must cover them.

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