Dickies Hi Vis Clothing

Dickies Hi-Vis Joggers - SA2008-CL

Dickies Hi-Vis Joggers


Dickies Cotton Coverall - WD2279-CL

Dickies Cotton Coverall



About Dickies Hi Vis Clothing

Low light conditions can prove to be some of the most hazardous environments to work in, with the lack of visibility creating a real danger for you and your colleagues. By wearing Dickies high visibility clothing, you can raise your visual presence, thus warning others of your location.

Combining fluorescent finishes, and adorned with reflective stripes which bounce back the light, illuminating you and ensuring others are aware of your presence. Dickies High Visibility Clothing comes in a number of different styles, be it jerkins and jackets, trousers or even polo and T-shirts, the simply astonishing range of Dickies Hi Vis Workwear is ideal for the discerning worker.

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