DeWalt Workwear

  • DeWalt Boots
  • DeWalt Trainers
  • DeWalt Knee Pads

The history of DeWalt Workwear

DeWalt have more than 90 years experience when it comes to designing world class, innovative solutions for the professional construction industries, and their expertise tends to denote excellent performance and reliability.

Although the main aim for DeWalt has always been to provide hardware for the industrial sector, they have also started to make a splash in the work wear and apparel markets, offering a fantastic range of knee pad trousers, safety boots and trainers, tops and outerwear jackets, and accessories such as caps, gloves and even knee pads.

The DeWalt reputation has been forged through a collective effort to ensure professionalism, meeting and quite often - exceeding the expectations of tradesmen, with tools and now work clothing which meets the hard wearing criteria of the modern day worker, with tough and rugged polo shirts, and warm fleeces for those who work outdoors.

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