Cold Store Clothing

About Cold Store Clothing

As the name suggests, cold store work applies to any warehouse which is used for the storage of refrigerated or frozen goods, typically at temperatures well below zero. This type of environment throws up a unique set of hazards which are not typically encountered in most workplaces, with surface ice causing lack of surface traction and causing slip hazards, to the extreme temperatures also causing conditions such as frostnip and frostbite, and in extreme cases can even lead to hypothermia. Therefore it is imperative that refrigeration workers are outfitted with clothing which adheres to strict health and safety guidelines and is suitable for working in cold environments. A well fitted thermal layer is advised, one which is not too tight, as this will restrict blood flow to the extremities; so when thinking about suitable base layer clothing, always ensure there is reasonable room for movement. For outer layer cold protection, thick thermal trousers and jackets, or purposed EN342 cold protection suits will ensure warmth in temperatures below -5c. Thick socks and gloves are also recommended, as are thermal neck gaiters and balaclavas. We also have a great selection of cold weather safety boots which are designed to offer warmth and protection, with thermal linings and toe and midsole protection; with thick non-slip treads to ensure you won’t lose your footing.

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