Caterpillar Knee Pads

About Caterpillar Knee Pads

Working some jobs can take its toll, especially on the knees if you’re spending a lot of time kneeling down to do things, which is where a pair of knee pads can make all the difference to your day. By sliding a pair into your kneepad pockets, they provide a cushion between you and floor which will help reduce fatigue, give you the extra comfort you need – and help to reduce what are known as lower limb disorders, or LLD’s, as the knees are the main load bearers for your body, and although you may not notice it to begin with, they take an awful lot of pressure, supporting your entire body, as well as anything you’re carrying at the time, which is why after time the cartilage can suffer damage due to the untold stress put on these pivotal parts of the body. Good knee pads won’t eliminate these problems, but they will go a long, long way in protecting you from them.

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