Cat Safety Glasses

About Cat Safety Glasses

The human eye is a delicate and precious part of the body, without it you would find it rather difficult to perform menial tasks. Don’t take your vision for granted, and equip yourself with a pair of Cat safety glasses. Any airborne irritants can be extremely hazardous to the eyes, some more apparent risks than others. Wood and metal filings are very hazardous, and amongst the more pronounced and visible of hazards, and naturally you would be foolish to not wear safety glasses around these materials when working with them, but what about smaller particles such as dust, and the risk of splashes from paints and solvents? Don’t leave anything to chance, and make sure you’re protected. Caterpillar safety glasses are an excellent last line in defence of one of your most vital work tools – your eyes; so make sure you add them to your list of PPE.

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