Carpenter Clothing

Carhartt Bib Overall - 102776

Carhartt Bib Overall


Carhartt Bib Overall - 102776-CL

Carhartt Bib Overall


Dickies Pro Trousers - DP1000-CL

Dickies Pro Trousers


Dickies Redhawk Jacket - WD954-CL

Dickies Redhawk Jacket


Blaklader Service Trousers - 14951330-CL

Blaklader Service Trousers



About Carpenter Clothing

Carpentry is a skilled trade which requires a great level of skill and patience. For that reason, uniforms and work accessories for carpenters need to exhibit comfort and practicality, offering excellent durability and protection where needed. Trousers and bib overalls need triple stitching and thick reinforced materials, with advantageous kneepad pockets for cushioning, and a plethora of pockets to ensure tools are kept close at hand at all times. Footwear should offer energy absorbing heel units for reduce fatigue over extended periods of time, whilst giving a comfortable and padded foot enclosure with breathability. Safety footwear also benefits from the protection imbued by their hardware - with toecaps and midsoles providing crush and puncture protection; either with steel or composite materials.

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