Construction Clothing

Cofra Jember Trousers - V567-0-CL

Cofra Jember Trousers


Dickies Pro Trousers - DP1000-CL

Dickies Pro Trousers


Cofra Leiria Trousers - V481-CL

Cofra Leiria Trousers


Blaklader Service Trousers - 14951330-CL

Blaklader Service Trousers


Aqua Action Trouser - TR601-CL

Aqua Action Trouser


Aqua Workwear Trouser - TR300-CL

Aqua Workwear Trouser


CAT AG Cargo Trousers - 1810037

CAT AG Cargo Trousers


Wenaas Multinorm Low Cut Shoe - 75-235-112134

Wenaas Multinorm Low Cut Shoe



About Construction Clothing

Construction sites can be particularly dangerous places to work, so ensuring visibility and safety is the main priority of any foreman or site manager. European regulations state that EN471 high visibility clothing is essential for site work, and we have a massive selection available - including hi vis vests and jerkins, jackets, polo shirts trousers and sweaters. High visibility alone cannot provide all the protection required, this is where PPE comes into play. Personal protective equipment - is designed to ensure safety onsite, with a selection of hard hats and bump caps, visors and safety goggles, fall arrest systems and safety harnesses, and gloves and boots with EN345 spec midsoles and toecaps to provide shielding from a myriad of site hazards.

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