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Paper Forage Hats


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About Bar Worker Clothing

Working behind a bar is a fast paced and energetic environment, where staff members effectively represent the establishment, being the front face and the main focal point for the consumer when they enter. Therefore, it is important that bar workers have clothing which highlights the professional nature of their work. For most bars, the staff will usually don a regular cotton work shirt or a polo shirt, which can be embroidered or printed upon to give them a branded, uniformed look. A regular pair of casual trousers and waistcoat is adequate enough for the job, and in terms of footwear; smart/casual shoes are the usual standard. although reinforced safety shoes may want to be considered if dealing with barrels and kegs, in case of them being dropped unexpectedly onto toes. For establishments who also serve food, we also have a great range of aprons & tabards, with different styles and colours available; offering pockets for pens and notepads; which are essential for taking orders in busier public houses.

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