Agrochemical Protective Clothing

About Agrochemical Protective Clothing

Working with agrochemicals brings its own unique hazards, with many of them exhibiting toxic properties. Working alongside chemicals agents such as pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides means that workwear and accessories need to meet specific standards in order to prove effective. We understand this cannot be left to chance alone, which is why we supply an extensive array of products which are suitable for working alongside hazardous materials and liquids, with a range of excellent overalls and rain suits which incorporate oil and chemical resistant properties, and waterproofing.

In addition we also offer a selection of face masks and respirators from companies such as Moldex which help to eliminate the inhalation of unwanted hazardous vapours, as well as disposable overalls in bulk packs which are ideal for single use around chemicals. We also supply a number of durable pairs of safety boots or wellingtons with excellent protective qualities, to ensure your ongoing safety and peace of mind.

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