Work Trousers

MammothWorkwear know's selecting the right work wear trousers can be a daunting prospect. With so many different styles and brands work trousers available for men and women's work pants how do you know which style is best for you? A good place to start is looking at the trade you’re working in, and deciding what would be deemed suitable; for example high visibility trousers are they going to be a worth while purchase if you’re not working in low light conditions or in an environment where you need to raise your visual profile.

Look at the practical side of the garment and decide whether or not you need knee pad pocket trousers, thermal lining, painters or ballistic to see what is best suited to your specific occupational needs. For working in hazardous and cold environments we carry a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor pants such as waterproof overtrousers, flame retardant, and cold store clothing.

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Trousers Buying Guide

Practicality Options

Tool pockets + additional pockets, with or without Knee pads, flexibility such as; crotch area, waist and contour fitting – baggy or tight, with or without a belt where a worker may use a tool belt for example, the temperature in which you work hot/cold or time of year summer/winter are all considerations..

Size and Fitting

Do you need to allow extra freedom of movement such as; bending, kneeling or crouching, with an elasticated waist or with a belt preferred? As with many manufacturers some work garments will be slightly different in sizing such as Dickies compared to say Snickers trousers. Dickies work pants;are often a size to small so please do bare this in mind when purchasing this brand. Please ask for assistance if you are unsure.

Comfort and Price

Prioritise safety before comfort but that’s not to say you can’t have a happy medium, some workers prefer traditional cotton based fabrics over the more modern fabrics such as Cordura. The benefit of Cordura is primarily strength and they tend to wear better and last longer so would; in the long term provide better value for money. Price is always a consideration when buying anything so where you might be limited in choice on the high street you should be able to find a good selection here at MammothWorkwear.

Trade Specific

If your work is general then many types of work trouser may be suitable but for those of you who work in areas such as; joinery, construction, farming agriculture etc you may require trade specific clothing. Varying levels of protection are required under EU legislation and these should be adhered to in all instances. Look out for our EN specification symbols, these are a guide to the personal protective level given to each product alternatively speak to one of our sales team for more information.

Style and Uniformity.

Style is often the least important part of buying work clothes; however it is also a major contributing factor in your final choice. In some cases workers may be required to wear uniforms where trousers would match jackets and/or company colours. Within our work trousers section you will come across many styles and colours to suit these needs, in many cases we also provide matching jackets this is noted in each product description if this option is available.