Work Shirts

We find throughout the year that work shirts are among our most popular products. It is for this reason that we strive to provide shirts and t-shirts in an array of sizes and colours to meet our customer's demands. Our work shirts range includes flame retardant, hi vis t-shirts, high visibility polo shirts, as well as long sleeved and short sleeve shirts, what's more to make work that little more endurable during hot periods we stock a vast selection of nurse tunics and polo shirts and padded shirts for the winter months. So, regardless of your trade, you can be sure to find your ideal shirt within our collection.

For that personalized, professional look our range of work shirts can be either printed or embroidered with your own design, company logo or text and even matched with our trousers to provide a complete uniformed look. If you do not have a company logo or emblem give us a call, our in house design team will be happy to help.

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Shirts Buying Guide

When buying work shirts there are some things to consider, firstly the type of job you do will have a big impact on your selection; workers who work in offices for example would go for a regular dress shirt where as this may not be suitable for some work types. We have put together these quick guides to help you choose the perfect shirt first time around.

Safety Specifications

Perhaps most important of all is safety; EN or (European Normalisation) standards are set out to protect workers in many situations were safety measures are required. For example a road worker are required to wear high visibility clothing to allow them to be seen more easily, the EN number for high visibility protective clothing such as shirts is EN371.

Many other work types also have varying EN numbers pertaining to each type of potential hazard for your work type, if you are unsure of the safety regulations and requirements for personal protective equipment in the workplace then speak to your employer who should be able to give you the exact requirements for your particular trade. Alternatively you can view our Shop by EN Spec guide on the homepage; this is to help you identify the work clothing you need to meet the standards.

Sizing and Fitting

Bear in mind that not all manufacturers will make identically sized garments such as; Dickies work shirts may differ in size say to that of a Lee Cooper work shirt of the same technical size. This brand knowledge can be tricky if you have never bought a particular brand before, our staff are familiar with all the brands we carry and have an inside knowledge of the correct fitting for your body type; if you need any help drop us an email or ring for assistance. The fitting of a work shirt can also vary where some are made to be worn outside the trousers and some inside the trousers, Consider these things before you buy; do you require a short or long sleeved shirt, with or without additional pockets or any special features.

Colour and Uniformity

If you require your shirt to match your company colours or uniform then you should find a good choice here at Mammoth. We offer many colours shapes and styles and often we can match work shirts, polo's, trousers and jackets identically to produce colour coordinated uniforms. This option if available will be visible on each product description or you can email us your requests with a quick description of what you need and we will get right back to you.

Price and Practicality

To get the most from your shirt you should ensure that its practical for your work type and fit for purpose, small details such as a pen holder or mobile phone pocket should be considered as well as. The fitting of your shirt could be a baggy style or a tight fitting one; loose clothing can be caught in machinery so would be deemed unsafe in some environments. Price is always a factor when buying anything so to get the most from your money don't just choose the cheapest option, think of the long term; a work shirt that costs a little more may last 3 times longer than the cheaper alternative, fabrics like cotton tend to wear easier so look into what fabric is best suited to the environment.