Work Hats, Caps & Gloves

Carhartt Odessa Cap - 100289

Carhartt Odessa Cap


Helly Hansen Boden Hat - 79847-CL

Helly Hansen Boden Hat


Blaklader 2003 Beanie - 20030000

Blaklader 2003 Beanie


Regatta Watch Cap - TRC307

Regatta Watch Cap


CAT Ladies Stripe Hat - C1128103

CAT Ladies Stripe Hat


Blaklader 2015 Cap - 20151900

Blaklader 2015 Cap


CAT Visor Cap - C1128033

CAT Visor Cap


Free Embroidered Caps - HATEMBROID

Free Embroidered Caps


Dickies Trapper Hat - HA8001

Dickies Trapper Hat



About Work Hats, Caps & Gloves

Accessories such as work hats, caps and gloves are essential when undertaking certain tasks in the workplace. Jobs such as carrying refuse or bags of grass and bush cuttings may seem innocuous enough, but sharp pieces still pose a puncture hazard. A quality pair of gloves will protect you from these potential threats.

We also have an excellent variety of work hats and caps available to suit a growing number of industries and uses; with a selection of chefs’ hats and hair nets for food industries and processing, and also a number of more traditional styles such as peaked caps and beanies - ideal for both work and casual wear.

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