Womens Workwear

In the last 25 years, workplaces have seen a rise in female employees across a number of sectors, fulfilling job roles previously considered to be men's jobs. Although this was fantastic for women it presented a problem for work clothing companies and as a result woman often had to "make-do" with oversized mens clothing and safety footwear.

This paradigm shift has since caused work clothing manufacturers to expand their ranges to suit the modern-day workforce dynamic and more importantly women. Almost all manufacturers now provide a range of womens workwear, including high visibility clothing, trousers, coveralls, fleeces, sweatshirts and nurses tunics specifically tailored to the female form, with the same functionality and benefits you would expect for tackling demanding tasks in many workplaces.

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Womens Work Clothes Buying Guide

It has always been difficult to find a good selection of womens workwear that’s why we have added a section dedicated to ladies only, the biggest online in fact and growing all the time. We believe your search for the appropriate work clothing should be hassle free that’s why we have put together these helpful buying guides.

Fitting & Sizes

It is essential to get the right fitting in your work clothes; poorly fitted clothing can be exceptionally hazardous in the workplace so do take your time to choose the best possible fit. Some brands differ in size for example Dickies ladies work trousers are often a size smaller than say that of Snickers or DeWalt; so do ensure to allow for manufacturers varied sizes when ordering. Don't try to convert men's sizing to ladies without first asking the question because each brand of clothing has very different concepts of small, medium, large, extra large etc.

If you're unsure, please ask the question, with over garments, keep in mind that they are designed to be worn over the top of clothing. Therefore you do not need to move up a size to ensure they fit. Don’t be tempted into purchasing men's clothing in smaller sizes as a compromise, this can often lead to accidents whereby over sized clothing is rolled up around the legs or sleeves which may become loose with the potential to easily trap in machinery.