TuffStuff Workwear

The history of Tuffstuff Workwear

TuffStuff produce a wide range of high quality low cost workwear solutions including knee pad trousers, polo shirts, jackets and much more. The TuffStuff workwear brand has its origins as part of the larger Castle clothing group; with over 40 years expertise in performance clothing for a myriad of working environments, the brand offers TuffStuff workwear as its premier choice to aid the workingman’s comfort and safety in the workplace, no matter where that might be.

Within the Tuffstuff workwear range we provide a perfect alternative to costly big brand names, yet without sacrificing the same level of durability you may expect from those bigger brands. This range of workwear was engineered to a very high standard and rigorously tested to ensure longevity and great value for money, you’re sure to find the perfect solution to your work clothing needs from this savvy manufacturer.

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