Totectors Footwear

The history of Totectors Footwear

Created in 1944 in an effort to stave off work related accidents in the busy industrial sector, where inexperienced workmen tried to maintain coal levels down in mines during the second world war, Totectors have the distinction of being the very first marketed work safety boots. Offering excellent and vital protection for those workers gathering essential supplies in an ongoing war effort.

Today, Totectors Footwear is a well respected, leading brand when it comes to workplace safety. Their range successfully marries comfort, safety and function; with a dedicated and renowned team of design experts pouring their collective knowledge into every last detail to ensure that your feet stay protected to the highest level; whilst maintaining a fantastic feel and look to all their products.

Totectors are manufactured using cutting edge technologies; including Outdry, a game changing waterproofing technique developed in Italy. By Directly bonding the unique Outdry membrane to the upper of the shoe to totally seal off any seams, this process leads to absolute waterproofing. By utilising thermoplastics and the latest in sole production technologies, the Totectors dual density soles fuse ultra-durable thermo plastics and lightweight expanded polyurethane together to create flexible, lightweight soles with anti-slip, anti-static, oil and chemical resistant properties.

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