Timberland Clothing Accessories

About Timberland Clothing Accessories

Timberlands sock range is designed with the worker in mind, giving excellent wicking properties to ensure you’re kept nice and dry as you work. Combined with their own branded insoles, you can’t go far wrong with this combination of comfort, warmth and dryness. Offering much needed support, a canvas belt will help keep your work trousers where they should be, leaving you free to worry about the job at hand. We all know that working outdoors has its pros and cons, and although it might be warm and bright out there, the suns glare isn't going to think twice about impairing your vision - Timberlands 003 cap is perfect for keeping the suns rays out of your face whilst you work. On the flipside when its cold outside, the 002 beanie hat should provide you with the shielding from the elements which you’ll appreciate on those long slogs outdoors.

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