Snickers Workwear

The history of Snickers Workwear

Snickers workwear began life back in 1975, a fed up electrician by the name of Matti Viio thought it was about time that workers got some respect from their workwear. Often Matti protested about the poor quality, poor fitment or lack of protection offered by existing clothing. Although at the time there was a fair range of work clothing, other manufacturers seemed to focus on style or durability, why? Thought Viio do they not consider the workers needs?

Having tried to convince existing manufacturers to change their ways and yet to no avail, he finally broke and decided to begin producing his own range of workwear. It is often said that Snickers was born out of necessity, jokingly the necessity of an angry man it seems. They say the will of one man can conquer all, the right conditions and the desire to solve an annoying problem is all that is needed, Viio fitted this profile perfectly.

“One day I went home from work and designed my own workwear! That was my protest against the established workwear industry. I wanted to show that we workers have pride and know-how, and that our need for respect is the same as that of all other groups in society."

Matti Viio never set out to produce the cheapest nor the most stylish workwear; perhaps single mindedly Viio just wanted comfort in a work garment, one that actually protected the worker; the two simple things he had personally always longed for.

Snickers workwear encaptures these basic principles, to offer high quality, be reliable but above all safe and comfortable enough to earn the respect of the worker; in essence to realise the dream and vision of a hardworking tradesman.

Snickers workwear virtually pioneered this new and modern era of protective work clothes, through exhaustive testing and rigorous trials and of course errors; we have arrived at the Snickers workwear we know and love today. The true core beliefs of Matti Viio still exist in every Snickers garment, the belief that puts the worker first and identifies genuine solutions to a very real and serious problem in work safety, the legend lives on as this European giant grows from strength to strength.

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