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First Aid Kit Supplies

Whilst protective clothing is crucial to protect your workforce, it's inevitable that the occasional accident will happen and when it does its very important you respond quickly with the appropriate first aid procedures. Unfortunately, the number of accidents occurring in workplaces across the world every day is on the increase, and whether you work in an office or on an oil rig, there are always potential hazards.

Between 2011 and 2012, there were over 100,000 reported injuries in the workplace with a total of 173 fatalities, which is why first aid supplies are a must. We offer a great range of first aid kits to suit variable sized workforces, in addition to specialist burns kits and eye wash kits, so you can ensure your workplace has the most suitable first aid equipment to suit your industry.

First Aid Supplies Buying Guide

Every workplace is required by law to provide appropriate first aid equipment & personnel to administer immediate treatment to an employee in the event of an injury. Legislation applies to all workforces including individuals and those that are self employed. The Health & Safety (First Aid) regulations act 1981 also covers many specialist areas such as; diving & offshore work, in these circumstances extra provisions may be required beyond that of a normal workplace. Drivers should also carry a first aid kit in their vehicle so that in the event of an injury they may treat themselves where possible.

Risk Assessment

This might not the be at the forefront of your mind but risk assessment is a vital part of health and safety requirements and will better enable you to chose the correct type of first aid required for your specific industry. It is important to have a sufficient amount of first aid equipment per person and that and first aid points are constantly stocked and restocked after use. When doing your risk assessment you should consider these points; number of staff including part time staff & seasonal workers, identify the main risks in a worst case scenario, ensure all staff members know the protocol for basic first aid and the location of any first aid points.

Appoint a First Aider

If you have not already then you should immediately, it is your duty as an employer to provide a first aider to treat injuries prior to health care professionals arrival. While you are not legally required to provide first aid for members of the public it is a good way of preparing for any unforeseen circumstances.

Identify Your Needs

Identify the right kit for your workforce, there are many different types of first aid kits such as; vehicle kits, 10, 20 and 50 man kits, carry bag kits, catering & home and childcare first aid kits. In workplaces where burns are a risk you would require a burns first aid kit and finally if not already included in your kit a eyewash station or pods for smaller workforces. These simple preparations for first aid have proven time and time again to save lives, save site and minimise the risk of permanent scaring.

First Aid at Work

If you are an employer or self employed you may be required by law to adhere to certain criteria regarding your first aid provisions and the way in which they are stored. If you are unsure of any of these aspects contact the Health & Safety Executive or visit their website for full information on first aid at work and how it affects you.

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