Flame Retardant Clothing

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Honeywell Nomex Shirt


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Nomex Firepro Parka



About Flame Retardant Clothing

Flame retardant clothing protects the wearer from open sources of ignition or a tool which give off excess heat or sparks can prove to be a serious threat to a workers safety if the risks are ignored. One spark or heated metal filings could nestle itself in your overalls without you noticing. A regular garment will either burn through or catch alight, with the flame spreading rapidly across the garment.

Mammoth offer a choice of flame retardant safety clothing such as fire resistant coveralls, fr trousers, heat resistant jackets and much more, all of which conforms EN 533, which is now superseded by EN ISO 14116, which have both been strenuously tested to prevent the spread of fire and flame.

All of our flame retardant clothing is fit for purpose to be worn in environments which could be seen as a fire hazard, including our flame retardant underwear.

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